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Cloud Computing

Go digital on a strong foundation of cloud, scale effortlessly, introduce innovation into development, be well-prepared for a world of multi-cloud and server-less environments, stay agile, adopt new business models, and change the way they compete to maximise business value from digital transformation initiatives

IT Security

We work tirelessly to ensure that every computer, system, and connected device is free of viruses, malware, and spyware giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your company and customer data is safe and secure.

Computer Repair

We are a complete outsourced IT Department for your business!  Stay ahead of the competition, and stay away from costly downtime caused by viruses, updates, slow running computers, and error messages.

Network Solutions

Our professionals will work closely with you to bring your network to life. Whether you are setting up a brand new network or fixing misconfiguration, we can help.

Data Backup and Recovery

Enterprise Cloud resources, and Disaster Recovery consulting services, in addition to unlimited failover and recovery testing, all with the goal to deliver each customer the best disaster recovery and business continuity program for their business.

Cyber Security

Teranerd’s Managed Services provide the capability to monitor, identify, investigate, respond, report, evaluate and recommend to help maintain an ever responsive cybersecurity ecosystem of your organisation.

Strategic Planning

ICT Policy buildup assistance, Disaster Recovery and Preparedness